bethan williams

Female sexuality is imposed upon by male fantasy, capitalism and consumerism which makes it difficult to work out what female sexuality is as it is swamped beneath the mire of these projections. My work explores an idea of female sexuality that attempts to resist indoctrination and ideas cast by the world outside of myself. It is an attempt to assert and explore my own view and expression of female sexuality.

Women have been indoctrinated for centuries into thinking that their feminine visual image is all-important: it is where their value lies yet it is also never good enough.

My work is trying to find relief from gender pressure and discover an essence of femaleness that does not apologise for its gender. It is attempting to say: “I will not comply with the ideas of femaleness that are thrust upon me by the world; I will not be passive; I will not try to obtain your idea of a perfect body shape; I am me, an individual and an individual shape.”

The work is a discussion and illustration of female sexual empowerment.

bethan williams

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