olivia innes horley

I make pots for use with hand and mouth, for food and drink; but I also intend and understand ‘use’ beyond a minimal functionality. I do not espouse the art/craft divide. My pots are enquiries into the vessel as object of formal interest and they are metaphors for feelings.

Domestic pots are privileged to be part of the deepest fabric of life: they enter private life in unique and various ways. I endeavour to celebrate the intimate qualities which are particularly nurtured in the domestic environment: quiet, calm, comfort, slowness, sensuality. The pots are intended to invite the nursing hand; to celebrate the intimacy implicit in pots which touch food and drink. Making objects by hand seems to be in keeping with this endeavour.

For this project I have worked in porcelain, thrown and altered forms, and fired to 1240. The colouring agents in the glazes combine commercial stains with oxides. The lids serve a dual function: retaining heat and acting as saucer or, in the case of the larger pieces, as additional serving dish.

olivia innes horley

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