kate wildish

I started making horses a few years ago, inspired, originally, by my love of the Han Dynasty horses and also by the important rôle horses have played as flesh and blood creatures in my life. This interest continues to grow and evolve as time passes. I hope my creations have the power to communicate my ideas, and, perhaps, to resonate with a different narrative to each and every viewer. For me they serve as specific commentary on an emotional time in my life, when horses represented safety and refuge from troubles encountered and from the frenetic pace of life. Riding high on the solitary Cornish headlands, I found, with my horses, a place of self-healing and stillness where anything seemed possible.

Like many potters, ‘raku’ was one of the first outdoor firing methods I ever experienced, and I discovered a sense of alchemy, unpredictability, speed and drama. The range of vivid colours and textured finishes it is possible to achieve is dazzling, and yet the delicate translucency offered by ‘naked raku’ seems both haunted and bewitched. For me it became a natural choice to help illustrate and enhance the sense of narrative I was searching for in my work.

kate wildish

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