will hamilton

I work with clay , as it makes me happy
I play with clay , because it lets me
I want to reflect the fun I have with clay
I wish to record the final play…
By ’d’ FIRE !

I want to connect the enjoyment I get from the world around me, with the pleasure I get from the people in it. So many types of people, so many landscapes, I try to create a snap shot of how I see us linking with our planet.
I want 2 reflect ‘d’ love I get from all ‘d’ contrasts ‘dat’ surround ‘d’ i.

I have loved getting my hands on wet dirt, mud, ever since I can remember. In my childhood in Jamaica it was wet sand or mud, but on moving to boarding school in England, age 7, it changed to clay. The squidgy, squoshy, squelchiness of it has always made me happy, and I wish 2 communicate this with my primitive lust 4 fire, in ‘ame’ work.

will hamilton

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